Direction & Authority

Directing your estate and giving authority to your executors and guardians.

Writing a Will means you have left clear direction as to how you would want your estate to be distributed leaving you with the peace of mind that your wishes will be adhered to.

These wishes cover everything from who your Children would live with to who would manage your estate through probate all the way to who will look after poor little Mog the cat.

If you have no Will you have no say over what will happen after your death. In the UK The Laws of Intestacy apply. This is a set of rules that govern the distribution of the estate of someone who dies without testifying to their wishes in a valid Will.

Unfortunately, the rules are rather rigid and will often direct that the estate goes either completely or in-part to the wrong person/people and in some instances family members can struggle to gain guardianship over the children under 18 yrs.

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    Your Will empowers people you trust to deal with all of these issues and more!

    Here are some of the things we ensure your Will covers (Don’t worry about the jargon, your consultant will guide you through everything during your appointment – jargon free):

    Helping You To Appoint Executors

    Making a Will means we can help you to appoint executors you know and trust to oversee the administration of your estate through Probate. With a valid Will in-hand your executors will be granted permission by Probate to gather together your estate, bring to an end your affairs, settle any debts and distribute your estate amongst your beneficiaries in accordance with the wishes set out in your Will.

    Helping You To Appoint Guardians

    In your Will you can name the person you wish to give the authority to care for your children under 18 yrs until they come of age. Providing them with a certain future at the very worst of times and ensuring that they are not placed into the care of the Local Authority. Absolutely essential, yet so many parents fail to write a will whilst their children are young leaving them in a very vulnerable position.

    Helping You To Appoint Trustees

    Usually more than one person appointed in your Will to look after the inheritance of a beneficiary under 18 years old or a vulnerable beneficiary. They can hold and invest your money on behalf of your children / grandchildren or vulnerable beneficiaries either until the child reaches a suitable point in their life to inherit directly or potentially for the rest of a vulnerable beneficiary’s life. This is someone you trust, appointed by you to protect your beneficiaries from the outside world for as long as may be required.

    Trustees have access to the fund to ensure that the daily needs of the beneficiary are met and to provide them with allowances or lump-sums for basic things like food, clothing, a home, education and to provide for other important milestones such as purchasing their first car or putting a deposit down on their first property. You can make clear your preferences in a separate non-binding letter called a “Letter of Wish” in order to provide guidance for your Trustees as to how you would like them to invest and provide for your minor beneficiaries if you were no longer around to do so.

    Helping You To Allocate Shares And Gifts For Beneficiaries

    Beneficiaries are the people who you wish to ultimately inherit your estate. This can include gifts of specific sums of money or items to specific individuals or a gift to a charity. It could just be as simple as leaving everything equally between your children or friends!

    Helping You To Leave Guidance On Your Funeral Wishes

    A Will can contain guidance for your executors as to how you would like your funeral to be conducted. It can even make clear your preferences in relation to organ donation. Although this section of the Will is not legally binding it means that your executors will have the peace of mind of knowing that your funeral would have met with your approval and spares you the difficult task of discussing these things with your loved ones.


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